Our Project Managers and Design Engineers (PMDE) are well supported by our Corporate and ESG divisions when delivering into your specific requirements.


Projects Management

Project management and execution for the minerals industry

Sound Mining Solution

Design Engineering

Technical expertise for the minerals industry

Sound Mining Advisory

Corporate Services

Corporate advisory for the minerals industry

Sound Mining Environmental

Environmental and Social Governance

Social and environmental, solutions for the minerals industry

Sound Mining Projects


Project management and execution for the minerals industry.

Project management and execution for the minerals industry.

PMDE offers specialised project management and turnkey solutions for all mining, exploration and engineering projects.

Project management

Our project managers follow the principles of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK) and are certified by the international Project Management Institute (PMI). The combination of their academic knowledge and operational experience enables us to deliver our project management solutions on time and within budget.


We provide the infrastructure and logistical arrangements necessary to sustain small to medium-sized mining and exploration operations.

This includes mine site facilities, telecommunications, power supply, water reticulation, roads, railways, local facilities, materials handling sites, dams and treatment plants.

Project execution

We initiate projects and manage execution activities, including contract mining, for open-pit and underground operations. During the operational phase, these services include construction and deconstruction, site closure, rehabilitation and environmental management activities, as well as procurement.

Sound Mining Projects


Technical expertise for the minerals industry.

Technical expertise for the minerals industry.

Our scientists and engineers will use their technical experience and expertise to assess the viability and enhance the value of all your projects.

Geoscience and Mining

Our professional scientists are experts in the fields of geological exploration, geotechnical investigations and hydrogeological studies, which are critical in understanding the nature of any environment upon which mining or construction projects are to be erected and commissioned. Our experts are also able to interpret mineralisation using three-dimensional models to understand the statistical distribution of an orebody’s characteristics, which form the foundation of any mineral project. We have the technical mining and engineering expertise required to generate mine designs, production schedules, cost estimates and economic analyses. These results inform a range of feasibility studies and techno-economic assessments.

Engineering and Processing

We recognise the importance of both mining and construction projects to the growth of any economy and, as a result, also offer the services of engineers in the fields of energy, mechanic, chemistry, processing and civil construction.

We have in intimate understanding of productivity and process flow for optimal economics, and offer tailored processing solutions that include interpreting test work data in order to generate accurate designs.To help our clients in the beneficiation of run-of-mine material, we offer tailored processing solutions that include interpreting test work data in order to generate accurate processing designs..

Sound Mining Projects


Corporate advisory for the minerals industry.

Corporate advisory for the minerals industry.

PMDE provides independent corporate advisory services for the financing and development of projects and mineral assets. We work closely with funding institutions, including banks, private equity firms, stock exchanges, international funds and legal firms. Our role is also to provide investors with all the information necessary to assess and fund projects.

Our services include due diligence, expert witness support and risk assessments, as well as advice and commentary on the management and mitigation of technical, financial, economic, and environmental, social and governance risks. Our independent valuations, reviews and assessments provide the insight and clarity required to enhance the value of mineral assets or construction projects.

Mineral Resources, Mineral Reserves and Valuations

Our extensive experience across various commodities and deposit styles enables us to produce code-compliant Mineral Resource estimates. Together with mine design schedules and modifying factors, we use these estimates to generate compliant Mineral Reserve estimates.


We regularly conduct mineral asset valuations that are aligned with the SAMVAL Code in South Africa, the CIMVal Standards and Guidelines in Canada, and the VALMIN Code in Australia, as well as the international valuations committee, IMVAL.

Competent Person’s Reports

Our Competent Person’s Reports are based on the professional best practice standards established by internationally recognised institutions. Our competent professionals are experienced in compiling SAMREC, NI 43-101, S-K 1300, JORC and other code-compliant reports.

Sound Mining Projects


Social and environmental solutions for the minerals industry.

Social and environmental solutions for the minerals.

PMDE is mindful of challenges that the global minerals and construction industries face when it comes to Environmental and Social Governance and have therefore retained the necessary specialist skills to assist our clients in this regard


Our team helps to identify the potential impact of mining and construction activities on the environment and provides recommendations on how to manage and mitigate these impacts in line with legal requirements. Our services include environmental impact assessments, closure planning, post-closure planning and rehabilitation. When operations are underway, we also offer compliance, monitoring and maintenance services to ensure that these risks are properly managed.


Good governance is critical for any business operating in the global minerals and construction industries. By conducting reviews and compiling gap analyses, we help our clients to understand and meet the prevailing legal requirements, regulations and obligations.



The minerals and construction industries affects communities. We provide guidance on mitigating these social impacts to ensure that communities enjoy a just share of a country’s mineral wealth. We help our clients to engage with communities and manage their obligations through social impact assessments and the development of Social and Labour Plans.These measures help our clients to understand and fulfil their obligation to develop the communities in which they operate and contribute to the smooth running of their projects.