Who We Are


The PMDE team is made up of seasoned professionals – all specialists who have years of experience in mining and construction, across a wide range of countries and commodities. By combining the collective knowledge of our team members and our inherent understanding of the complexities and challenges that projects in the minerals and construction industries face, we are able to offer unique solutions for investors to enhance the potential of their Projects to contribute viably and sustainably to all stakeholders. What we do well is to deploy the right mix of professionals with the right suite of competencies and skills to ensure that the right work is done by the right people at the right time.

PMDE provides a basket of services in the areas of project management, design engineering, construction, commissioning, environmental and social governance and the corporate requirements of companies. The mix of these services vary from project to project because PMDE’s designs and solutions are tailored to suit the particular characteristics and circumstances associated with each project. When tackling a design, PMDE will first ensure that it gets on top of the business case, operating logic and design criteria, before diving into the necessary detailed design and study work. This approach prevents the wasting of time and money.

PMDE is owned by its employees and is therefore able to provide independent expert advice and opinion to financial institutions, mine owners or any other participants in the global minerals or construction industries. This advice will always be underpinned by quantitative analysis and an in-depth knowledge of the minerals or construction industries and associated capital markets.

Our Reach

  • Gold Zimbabwe
  • Gold Liberia
  • Gold Sudan
  • Gold Mali
  • Copper Botswana
  • Copper Namibia
  • Coal Mozambique
  • Coal Botswana
  • Iron Sierra Leone
  • Bauxite Guinea