Let’s turn data

into insight

What We Do

Linking mining companies with local community development across Africa

We partner with you on a retained basis to add strategic direction and global perspective to your company. Our in-depth, global market insight is based on specialist experience, thorough analysis and a constantly evolving network across industries. We combine this with a rigorous process and a personal touch, helping you develop full potential.


Delivering the executive talent that will drive your business success

We work together as one team with a shared set of values and incentives to ensure we deliver consistently high-quality outcomes. Each of our consultants has specialist expertise in the sector, functional area or geographic region in which they operate.

Community Development

To succeed in delivering into client expectations on time and within budget, it is essential that the local community is involved every step of the way.

Project Management

We manage the risks carefully and formulate a tailored project management framework to ensure that the right people are doing the right work at the right time.

Across Africa

PMDE is represented by various Agent Offices which operate under the same guiding principles and core values

Our advisory services include:

Assesment & Due Dilligence

Risk assessment before you enter into a business relationship, but also the necessary diligence when you integrate and introduce customers or suppliers into your processes

  • Environmental law and workplace safety
  • Cash flow projections and Market Information
  • Business model evaluations including dept and equity
Data Insight & Implementation

Careful consideration of what, when and how to implement  data for the best results. Companies can infuse the entirety of their operations with big-picture insights

  • Models that predict and optimize business outcomes
  • Develop business-relevant analytics & tools
  • Develop capabilities to exploit big data with analytical skills
Integration & Diversity Development

Scientific, applied and infrastructural projects in the fields of education, equal opportunities, diversity, and integration. Manage diversity towards a sustainable project life

  • Active participation in shaping public attitudes
  • Social policies to ensure the protection of vulnerable groups
  • Create and develop mechanisms for intersectional cooperation